Philadelphia Parking Authority PPA

Posted on Monday, January 31st, 2011 at 2:40pm CST by 917d8cb4

Product: Parking Ticket

Company: Philadelphia Parking Authority PPA

Location: City of Philadelphia Parking Violations Branch P.O. Box 41818
Philadelphia, PA, 19107, US


Category: Other

These people are simply trying to get FREE EZ COMMISSIONS!!! They ticket anyone for anything, EVEN IF YOU DID NOT PARK THERE!

I come to my GF's house almost every day after work, and the earliest time that i get there after work is 6pm. Then i have dinner with her family.

This Nestle person gave me a ticket on 1/25/11 saying that i parked at "STOP PROHIBITED" zone and drove off while he/she was writing the ticket. Ticket time was 6:56PM!!! i would still be eating dinner at that hour!!

My car is GREEN and this person have it down and BLACK! It's so obvious that this person memorized my license plate and just wrote it down so he/she can get commissions.


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