H&R Block - Website Redirect, Browser Hijack

Posted on Sunday, January 30th, 2011 at 12:11pm CST by f3c2443e

Product: H&R Block

Company: H&R Block

Location: Kansas City, MO, US

URL: http://hrblock.com/

Category: Other

When trying to click on specific IRS links through google, I am redirected to the H&R Block website. I did not request this website nor did I wish to go there. When I attempt to back up, it repeatedly goes back to the H&R site. Finally I get back to the google search page, check the link I clicked and sure enough it says irs.gov. I do not doubt that this is partly due to the cookies I have failed to delete. However, I would like to complain that H&R block has obviously paid for the services that allowed them to hijack my browser. It is deceptive and I don't think that a business with their reputation should have to stoop to such tactics in order to have my business. They have surely lost my business because of this.


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