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Posted on Sunday, January 30th, 2011 at 3:09pm CST by 1ea54897

Company: Verizon Wireless

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When I purchased a Samsung Fascinate a few months ago, I was told that a new

version of the operating system was coming shortly. The new version Android

2.2 Froyo, was suppose to correct a number of problems with the phone, and

add new features. Two of the problems, CPS taking too long to begin

tracking, and not being able to store programs to the secured digital card

typically do not exist with comparable "smart phones." Since my purchase,

nearly all droid phones have been updated to the new version of the

operating system, 2.2, with the exception of the Samsung Fascinate.

Verizon set expectations for a system update for this phone. The

anticipation and advertising, by Verizon, of a new version of the operating

system was misleading and a breach in my purchase agreement. At purchase, I

was told, and expected, a new version of the operating system to be

available shortly. That expectation was the reason I chose the Samsung

Fascinate over the other smart phones. Had I known that Verizon/Samsung was

not going to live up to their advertisement and commitment, I would have

never purchased this phone. I believe that anyone who purchased this phone,

with the understanding that the operating system would be updated in a

reasonable time-frame, should be allowed to select a comparable replacement

phone without charge.



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