Henninger building - Dean Henninger

Posted on Monday, January 3rd, 2011 at 4:35pm CST by 08e3b5fc

Product: Builder

Company: Henninger building

Location: Redmond, Wa, US

Category: Other

Worst experience ever. Dean Henninger signed a contract to do a remodel for $204,000 and 4 months. It took 18 months, cost over $400k and he stole $5,000 from me by charging a personal truck repair on the credit card I set for the job. He claimed to be a devout christian, but his "faith" was a scham for theft and deceit.The worst thing was, the only reason I did the job with him and at all was because he convinced me that it could be done for $204k. Otherwise I would never have done the project. I heard Dean Henninger filed bankruptcy and moved to San Fran area. Watch for his name. In my opinion he's a scam artist.


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