Allstate Motor Club - Avoid Allstate Motor Club - horrendous service

Posted on Monday, January 3rd, 2011 at 7:40pm CST by e09995fa

Product: Allstate Motor Club

Company: Allstate Motor Club

Location: San Diego, CA, 92122, US


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Where to begin...? I took out a policy with Allstate Motor Club because they are my insurance provider and have so far been great. But don't be fooled by the introductory price, Allstate Motor Club provides a HORRENDOUS service.

1). They took six months to send me my membership details, despite me contacting them several times. So when I did require breakdown assistance, it took almost an hour on the phone to sort out who I was and what my coverage was. Not what you need when you're stuck at the side of the road.

2). I was involved in a serious car accident and needed to tow my car to a garage. I called Allstate and was informed that my policy had been cancelled. The extremely rude and aggressive call-person refused to tell me why or offer any help, even though I was stranded and shocked after the accident. She just kept repeating that I 'owed them money' but what not say for what. I ended up calling a tow myself just to get home.

3). I called Allstate MC the day after my accident to try and figure out why my policy had been cancelled. Although the member of staff I spoke to was polite, she was absolutely useless and could not give me a clear answer as to the cancellation. I asked for the name and contact details of her manager so I could address my complaint. She refused to give me this information - hardly a sign of a professional outfit, in my opinion.

4). Considering my experience with Allstate MC I decided not to renew my policy. Despite sending them a detailed complaints letter, I have been called THREE times by call center staff pressuring me to renew. The call center staff are rude, pushy and extremely disrespectful. Despite being asked to put my number on a Do Not Call list, I am still being called.

5). The only response I have had to my letter of complaint was an offer of 25% off my renewal price. What an insult.

Do not go with these guys, they are the last people you want to deal with when you've broken down or had an accident. Which is strange, because my experience with Allstate Car and Renters Insurance has been great.


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