Comcast - Comcast is a CHEAT

Posted on Saturday, January 29th, 2011 at 6:49pm CST by 7adafcd1

Product: Cable TV service

Company: Comcast

Location: Wa, DC, US


Category: Other

I phoned comcast using a number provided on their site. I spoke to a very helpful gentleman for 45 minutes trying to select a plan finally, selected a plan for cable TV and I was sold on the wireless (for my mother) each costing $29.99/month totally $60/month. I get transferred to another agent to schedule the set up/installation. The lady who I spoke to told me that she does not know where the gentleman saw the $29.99 for each service (TV & internet), but the total for both is $70/month. She added that the person whom I spoke to was a third party dealer. I was furious after spending 45 min with the guy to set-up the agreed service, now I am told it does not exist. I asked to be transferred to a manager, whom I found to be unsympathetic. I complained that I or any customer should not pay the price for their staff lack of training. The price difference is $10/monthly, as small as it may appear, I find it dishonest to change the price when you have agreed on it already, and spent so much time to do so. In my view, they should have honored the rate agreed with the initial person and train their 3rd party support better for the future.


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