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Posted on Friday, January 28th, 2011 at 4:13am CST by 4bd5b2d5

Product: Interior Decoration

Company: a/k/a Storm Interiors

Location: 1014 Amherst Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90049, US


Category: Other

So I just bought a house and two bathrooms have to demolished/rebuilt. Since this is my first house, I thought I should hire a decorator to at least point me in the right direction vis-a-vis color schemes, floor coverings, tile, etc, even though my budget for both bathrooms is around $15k

I found this Web site "Designers Call" aka "Storm Interiors" who seemed to offer just that kind of help for low package prices of between $575 and $1075. So the designer comes out to the house, asks me some questions and promises to get back to me with a proposal. She also asks for a $275 deposit which I cheerfully give her. A day later her boss sends me the proposal and it's six THOUSAND dollars just for the design services!

I of course have a fit and try to get the price back down to $1075 for help with 3 decisions: paint for both bathrooms; shower tiles and floor coverings for one bathroom. The boss lady says no dice and furthermore will not refund the $275.

I would advise complete caution working with these people. If they think they can get more money from you than what they advertise, they will try to do it.


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