Community Managment of Vancouver, LLC - Michelle Patrick-Geck of Community Management of Vancouver,

Posted on Thursday, January 27th, 2011 at 11:29pm CST by cae53c90

Product: Property Management

Company: Community Managment of Vancouver, LLC

Location: 4001 Main St. suite 800�
Vancouver, WA, 98663, US


Category: Other

Is Michelle Patrick-Geck's company a scam or is Michelle Patrick-Geck of Community Management of Vancouver, LLC.

Michelle may be conducting questionable business practices that may include defrauding home owners by placing liens on their properties for being 1 day late with their HOA payments. Then charging massive fee's to take the lien off. It's questionable if the money is being embezzled from the communities she operates.

If you are a HOA, run, don't walk!

If you are part of an HOA, have a board meeting and have this swindler removed as the management company.

D. from Whipple Creek


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7424be9e, 2012-03-05, 01:26PM CST

I'm a condo owner and pay my HOA & assessments on time.Like any other payment or bill you may have should be paid on time. Some people that live in the condo area think they don't have to pay each month. Letting other owners pay their amount that is due or even go by the house rules or CCR's. Everyone needs to pay their fare share of expenses.

23561dd1, 2013-06-17, 03:11PM CDT

CMV has done a fantastic job of managing our HOA and I applaud Michelle and the CMV team for their hard work and work ethic. Many unmanaged HOAs are too relaxed on bill collecting and it costs the condo community big time. CMV sticks to good business practices and doesn't let lazy home/condo owners take advantage. Point blank, it's a bill like any other with a due date and a grace period. If you don't pay within the grace period, you are going to get a late fee. Let the bill go too long and you will go to collections or have a lien placed on your property. Simple as that.

df29b6ad, 2013-06-28, 07:13AM CDT

I completely agree with the previous two comments, however many owners in our HOA are frustrated by the timliness of the statements sent by Ms.Geck and her company. It took several phone calls over an entire year, and much defensiveness by Ms. Geck to get her to even put a DATE on the statements we received. Finally we have a date, but the statements are still mailed a mere 10 days before they are due, and only 15 before they are late. Add mail float time in on both ends, and that allows little more than a week.

And YES, we know what our quarterly dues are, and owners can and do pro-actively send in their payments, but we must not forget that Ms. Geck works for us, and we are paying for the services of receiving a statement. I

Given the convenience of technology it was suggested that her company, Community Management, utilize an e-mail process to send these quarterly statements. A certain WIN/WIN since there would be little mailing expense, likely less time preparing a statement,and are legally acceptable forms of constructive delivery of the statement. Additionally, an easy follow up blast message as a courtesy reminder would have been appreciated. Unfortunately, this type of request was denied, and continues to be "poo-poo'd" with a suggestion that "auto pay" is a preferred method for payment and would be so easy for owners to use. pay?? Would you allow access to your bank account after these challenges?

And God forbid...what if the "Rip-Off" report is actually true?

Personally - I'm not feeling all warm and fuzzy.

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