Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 at 7:23pm CST by 04f4b6f8

Product: cable service

Company: Comcast

Location: Boca Raton ,Florida USA
Boca Raton, Ca, 33428, US


Category: Other

Im a senior citizen,(83)yrs old,widow and live alone.I been calling Comcast for 4 days to visit my house and service me problem.The customer service representatives have been careless,liers,lack of help to a person who is on the third age.They keep saying on TV that they have better service than Direct TV and the competence.They lie to the american people,because they dont provide the service they promise and they dont care about their customers.People should know that Comcast is a Big Liar and the are very disconsiderate with their customers.I recomend the FCC or any other Goverment Agency to monitor this Company because their lies to Americans,and we dont apreciate that,much more we consider our Seniors that where the ones that guided America some Generations ago to be and keep our Freedoom and the voice of the People.This Company has become a giant thanks to our support,not because they are cute.You never mistreat or lie to a customer and dont make promises you cant keep.They need to be spank by the Goverment(our Gobverment),we American people are the employer of our Goverment.Thats why we vote every 4 years,and not allow companies to do what they whant to us.So far I have no service and the failed their commitment of servicing their customers "Fisrt",thats a lie and they only care about sending the bill every month and raise it anytime they whant.Any Politician covering this should also be out of his seat if that the case.They are in Washington for us,not the corporations.


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