- Amazon allowing rip-off by seller

Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 at 1:11pm CST by 1fa42035

Product: DVD - Seinfeld, complete series


Location: US


Category: Other

I ordered the complete Seinfeld DVD collection in December from a private seller through Amazon.

In January I started worrying about the item so I looked at the seller's rating and found that it dropped 33% and is still sinking fast with lots of angry customers.

I contacted Amazon customer service by phone and spoke to someone in India. The person assured me that he would file an "A to Z Complaint" for me.

On 1/23, after nothing had been done and I had not been notified or contacted in any way, I went to Amazon's customer service chat and communicated with someone most likely also overseas. He told me that I'd withdrawn my complaint/claim. I emphasized that I had not; his response was that he could "confirm that you can expect a response in the next 12 hours."

On 1/25, I contacted them again via the complaint chat and got yet another outsourced customer service person. I assured him, in all caps, that I had not withdrawn my "A to Z Complaint." This man offered nothing other than "They will get back to you in 48 hours."

The longer this scam goes on, the more I truly believe that Amazon is behaving irresponsibly, not particularly concerned that someone is scamming their customers for a lot of money. I'm out more that $118.00, perhaps a small amount to others but not to me. And it's the principal of the thing that Amazon is allowing this seller (or people who hacked the seller) to steal from loyal Amazon customers. I will be very wary of buying from them again.


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