Ally Bank - Ally Bank Is A Horrible Bank

Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 at 2:17pm CST by aceeda8d

Company: Ally Bank

Location: Ally Bank P.O. Box 951 Horsham, PA 19044
Horsham,, PA, 19044, US


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If Ally makes a error in judgment whether it's wiring money or making purchases using your debit card, they will BLAME IT ALL ON THE CUSTOMER. I'm a customer of GMAC. As you may know, before Ally was founded in 2009, the company was part of GMAC Financial Services. However, GMAC FAILED, they needed government bail out. Then when they receive their BAIL OUT, they change their name from GMAC to Ally Bank. I only had one checking bank account with the internet bank Ally. I used this account to receive deposits from a PayPal account when I sell my personal items on eBay. The last deposit I made to this account was when I sold a text book on ebay for a few dollars, and I received the payment through my PayPal account. After the payment was in my PayPal account, I then had the funds transfer to my Ally checking account. So one day I tried to log into my online banking account with Ally and for some reason I was not able to log into my account online. I thought I may have accidentally used the wrong password and block myself out. I tried calling the ally bank customer service number at (877)247-ALLY (2559). The customer service representatives could not give my any type of answers and always said that they would just call me right bank and they never did. So I was left with having them transfer me to a supervisor and they told me they don't have a direct line for me to speak with a supervisor and that the supervisor will call me back at my home phone number and that never happen. I haven't been able to log into my account since August of 2010 and I still had some funds left in this account. Due to the bad service with Ally bank, I decided to close my account on January in 2011. I called the customer service number and spoke with another customer service representative by the name of Gonzales. Gonzales said I can close my account over the phone and he ask for social security, full first and last name, and he wanted me to answer the security question. Gonzales said he close the account and it should take 1-2 business days for the remaining funds to be transfer electronically to my Bank of America account I had on file with Ally. It has been approximately more than a week and I have yet to see the funds in my Bank of America account or receive a confirmation via email stating that my account is even close. I read other numerous reviews about Ally Bank and the poor customer service they provide. I can definitely speak on the horrible customer service Ally has. A lot of the customer service representatives work from home and have no true knowledge on how to help the customer when something is wrong. They just dig into the employee manual to find the information, and if they can't find it they just have someone to call you back and sometimes they never do. A lot of the customers representatives and supervisors are rude and plain ignorant at Ally Bank. I just wanted to close my account and receive help for this matter. I called the Ally Bank customer care number in order to get the corporate number because the customer representatives and supervisors at the regular customer care Ally Bank number weren't able to provide any answers as to why they couldn't close my account even though Gonzales said he could. I called the corporate Ally number at 215-734-6566 and guess what, I spoke to a rude supervisor. For some reason she acted as if she didn't even know who she was speaking with on the phone, even though I had already answer all her verification questions to identify who I was. So it makes you wonder if a supervisor for some reason has a hard time verifying one of their customers over the phone even though their customer answers and gives all their personal information such as social security, is Ally a true secure and safe online bank. It makes me wonder how anyone can even trust the safety and security of an online bank like Ally if they can't even verify a customer over the phone even though the customer provided all their verification (personal) information. How can you trust an Online Bank like Ally. I still can't even get any answers from the manager and supervisors located at the headquarters of Ally, as to why they can't close my account. So iof this issue is not resolve, I will proceed to other legal actions.


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