Harman Kardon - Harman Kardon TC-30 Remote

Posted on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 at 9:17am CST by ea9eebc7

Product: TC-30

Company: Harman Kardon

Location: US

Category: Other

I bought a Harman Kardon AVR-745 Audio Video Receiver a few years ago for a price I considered VERY high ($2000.00. I have bought stereo equipment for less than a quarter of that price and it is still functioning to this day (more than 20 years old, Kenwood by the way makes excellent audio products) It comes with a universal remote that is programmable for all your audio video gear the TC-30. About a year after purchase the remote wouldn't update on the computer (I had changed some equipment and needed to update the remote to operate the new devices) The computer just refused to connect to the remote. I bought another of these remotes out of pocket ($200.00) and the new one wouldn't work either. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software with no positive results. After searching on the internet I found the software was programmed to update itself and after updating the connectivity functionality wouldn't work. I found a workaround (disable internet connection, launch program, reconnect to internet to avoid the update and make the software and device work together again. Something I don't feel you should have to do, it should work properly (the software and remote were provided with the receiver, bad choice on remotes HK!) I placed one of the remotes on the charger one day and heard a snap, the LCD screen has a crack and is no longer readable, from just placing it on the charger! I started using only the one remaining remote and noticed even if fully charged it the battery goes dead in a matter of an hour or two, sometimes much less (it used to last a day or two without being charged. Well, I figured the battery went bad so I ordered a new one. Guess what...the new one behaves the same. Figured I might have got a bad NEW battery so I got a replacement and that one doesn't work either (I even cleaned the contacts with a soft cloth to make sure it was getting a good connection). Called HK and they said they'd see what they could do about getting me a free replacement (I'm holding my breath and I turned blue a while ago, said they'd call back and haven't yet) I have literally dozens of electronic devices with remotes that I paid far less money for and have NEVER had a remote go bad even after 30 years of service let alone a few years. With respect to Harman Kardon, I must admit the sound quality is very good but they made a poor choice with the remote. I expected a lot more of a device that costs $2000.00 (PLUS TAX!) At this point I would NEVER, EVER purchase another Harman Kardon product. I will update my complaint if they do provide a satisfactory solution.


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