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Posted on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 at 5:08pm CST by a3a55915

Company: Costco

Location: CA

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Do not use/purchase Costco debit machines it is the worst mistake I have made so far in my business. We had one installed a few months ago and signed a 3 year contract and now we find out they cannot take more than a 5 number pin and cannot take a chip as of yet "but they are working on it". 70% of our customers have 6-7 numbers in their pin and 90% have chip cards. The bank doesn't issue non chip cards anymore and now we have to inconvenience our customers and tell them to go use a atm.... I tried to speak with them and was very rudely told I can wait until they feel like updating or cancel contract for a $250 fee. So now I have to pay a fee for something that doesn't have a use unless my customer wishes to use visa which is more expensive for me but makes Elavon more money!!!! A $250 fee to cancel.... $250.00 worth of advertising isn't going to fix the campaign I am about to embark!

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