gold's gym - gold's gym green bay is misleading

Posted on Monday, January 24th, 2011 at 9:42pm CST by 09c117ad

Product: gold's gym

Company: gold's gym

Location: 790 Hansen Rd. Green Bay WI. 54034
Green Bay, WI, 54304, US


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It all started when I signed up in September for golds gym at a rate of 32 dollars a month with a year contract and a one time yearly fee $48. Then, not even a month later they drop there prices to $10 a month with no contract. That was the first blow. But I shook it off and thought oh well. After going for awhile (Nov. 8th) my wife and kids decided to sign up at the $10 a month price. Now the sales person who signed them up told her that with me as a referral, we could all be switched to one plan, and my contract would be null and void. We would all be at a rate of $10 per person, per month, with one yearly fee of $29 for our family. So we were all one happy family at this point. Fast forward to December and i go to work out and leave my children in there child care. I get done and find out my child has fallen off an exercise bike (cuz no one was watching him)and smashed his face, witch left some pretty significant bruising. I shook it off and thought no big deal three year old's are crazy. That was blow number two. The next day I go to check my bank acct. and find that golds gym has taken out three $29 dollar fees and a $48 (the price of my allegedly void contract) fee. One for each family member. So I call to get this fixed it obviously must be an error. I was told to call the Appleton gym and they would correct this. I called only to get a voice mail. So I went into the green bay gym and asked for the general manager. I was directed to someone named Eve? Who explained to me that I need to call the Appleton gym and they would take care of this she gave me two different numbers so I went outside to call them turns out one number goes nowhere and the other to the voice mail. At this point I am not happy at all being passed around. I went back in asked for the manager. I was now told she was busy and would call me if I like. I said no and demanded to talk to her. So now i'm waiting again! I see others signing up and decide to share with them how much I've really paid for the four months I've been there $426 with all there start up fees!!! This got the actual managers attention who was standing behind the counter the whole time. Which she then threatened to call security on me and have me thrown out. If I did it again. So i thought OK calm down, I'll talk to this person who's been avoiding me the whole time. turns out the general manager (Stephanie)is the sales person who mislead my wife into believing there pricing. She then took me aside and explained to me there is no such thing as being signed up as a family and theirs no way she could refund the fees. Then proceeded to lecture me on my attitude. So I told her it was because they were $crewing my bank acct. She then informed me that I have to give 30 days written notice of my gym cancellation and mail the cancellation form somewhere via certified letter!! When I told her about my child smashing his face the only she could say is was an accident report filed. I then found out that there only required to have 1 adult per 13 children!!! At this point I was going to start yelling and decided to leave so I walked out. I have had no word since. All an all they promised one thing and did another. When I asked to rectify the situation I was passed along down the corporate line and was treated like a number. I had to act like an jerk to get the managers attention who then threatens a already angry customer. GOLD's GYM green Bay has extermely poor customer service.


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