Charter Communications - Charter Communications - Bottom of the barrell

Posted on Monday, January 24th, 2011 at 11:20am CST by 9a3b48e0

Company: Charter Communications

Location: 95 Higgins Street
Worcester, MA, 01606, US


Category: Other

In December 2010 I called about a charter bundle. The agreed price was 180/mo My bill is $235/mo I want out of contract In 12/18 I ordered charter bundle. Phone, cable, internet. The agreed price was $180.00 month including tax and all fees. I called back again to verify. The price was the same. My first bill was $439.12 which is obviously a mistake. I was charged installation fee for internet and phone. I had asked previously if there was fees for installation. The answer was no. The service is terrible. The phone does not work. It's been down about 15 times since we got it. I have to restart the phone modem daily. The internet has gone down about 14 times since december. One day it was out for about 14 hours. Then the next day I was to work at home and it went down again. I have called in multiple times. Probably 25 times. The service is horrible and they want a termination fee. When I called to dispute the bill the best they would do is $235/mo when the agreed upon price was $180/mo Verbal agreements by these companies are a deceptive business practice.


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