National Tire and Battery - NTB Bait and Switch

Posted on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 at 1:28pm CST by d7e57bc0

Product: Goodyear Eagle GT

Company: National Tire and Battery

Location: 7953 West 151st Street Overland Park, KS 66223
Overland Park, ks, 66223, US


Category: Other

NTB had a great ad on TV - buy one tire, get one free as long as you come in before noon. I made it to the dealership by 10, waited in line almost 20 minutes and finally got to speak with a rep. We went through another 10 minutes of data entry while he set up my account, entered all of the information about my vehicle and selected the tires I had inquired about.

He totaled up the purchase (all of the expected extras of balancing/hazard ins/alignment and such) and surprised me with a $900 amount - no discounts at all. This disappointed me so of course I asked why no discount and they said that there are no discounts on the Goodyear Eagle GT tires. They had one other tire that fit my car and qualified for the discount, but it was a brand that I had never heard of. He asked a coworker where the displays were of that tire so that he could show them to me, and the coworker immediately responded with "You don't want those tires, I sold them to someone with a BMW last week and they couldn't make it out of the parking lot because there was snow on the ground."

I inquired about alternatives (either a discount on the Goodyears or some other tire), and the sales rep asked the manager for help. The manager explained that they only had two tires in stock that would fit my vehicle, and that the ones they recommend were only available at full price. Since there were several other NTB's nearby, he searched their inventory online to see if they had any other options. He said that there were no other options except special order, and that those would be full price only.

At this point I gave up, deciding that wasting only 30 minutes and a gallon of gas was better than buying tires from these guys.


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