FedEx - Unexpected charges for FedEx delivery

Posted on Friday, January 21st, 2011 at 4:50am CST by 7c1a3e6b

Product: International Shipping by FedEx

Company: FedEx

Location: US


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describes the details of the facts that lead to this complaint on, what I believe, is an unacceptable charge of service from FedEx (

The company undertook the responsibility of shipping an item from Israel to Athens, Greece knowing that, almost cetainly, it was going to be kept for taxing by greek customs. Instead of charging a fee for the process in advance the company has the practice to let the item arrive to the customs and then ask a fee from the recipient (about twice as much as the fee asked from the seder in my case) in order to compleat the process and deliver the item to his/her door. The alternative options offered to the recipient have a comparable cost which puts him/her in a "no options" situation.

I believe that the company has the required expertise to estimate the cost of such routine deliveries, that the consumer is likely not to be aware of, and charge the appropriate shipping+handling fee by informing in advance the interested parties (both sender+recipient). I think such practices are not consumer friendly and shipping companies should make a relevant change in their policies.


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