RE: USA of elcajon towing sponsered by So. Ca. AAA

Posted on Friday, January 21st, 2011 at 1:28pm CST by f28b93dd

Company: RE: USA of elcajon towing sponsered by So. Ca. AAA

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Sunday I went out to get into my car and the battery was dead! I called AAA

and they send USA Tow truck to my house, actually the battery truck for USA

Towing, The guy looked at my battery and then proceeded to tell me I could

buy a battery from USA Towing $126.00 plus tax., and assured me that their

batteries cost the same as Sears, Kragen, and everywhere else. The driver

installed a new battery. 2 year warranty.

Yesterday I was at Kragen and just happen to ask what a battery for my 2004

Toyota 4 runner would cost... $89.00 for the top of the line 4 year battery,

I came home and called sears, 89.00, I was so peeped off I called USA

Towing. Their answer " the driver never forced you to buy the battery" and

hung up.

I called the AAA club and they said I could file a complaint. Possibly I

could get a refund on the difference.

MORAL OF THE STORY Do not Buy a Battery from the Tow Truck companies, they

are the bottom of the barrow batteries and cost more than the best


I feel I got ripped off, and taken advantage of.

When I was in church Sunday night there is a person who works for another

towing company in San Diego, Ca and said that those guys work on commission

and I was stupid to buy a battery from a tow company.



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