CR Newton Co - Extremely poor service!

Posted on Friday, January 21st, 2011 at 2:16pm CST by eafb2495

Product: prostethic leg

Company: CR Newton Co

Location: 1575 S. Beretania St #101
Honolulu, HI, 96826, US


Category: Other

Very poor service! On 1st appt - seen 1 hr late! On 3rd appt (12/22/2010) - after flying in from an outer island (at cost of $200+) to transport mother to their facility, rec'd call that a.m. of appt being canceled as person to fit the prosthesis flew off to another island that day. Was told by CR Newton Co. that they would be calling that next week for rescheduling - that they'd go to the nursing home to see patient as they had to cancel last appt suddenly - but I never received a call that entire week. Had the nursing facility make several calls to CR Newton Co to find out when they'd be going tonursing home as indicated since they cxl'd prior appt. Finally, nursing facility calls saying they managed to get patient 's 4th appt set up (1/19/2011) w/CR Newton Co. On the day of 4th appt - nursing facility relays that they got a call from CR Newton Co, telling them that they were canceling appt once again. If you're looking for a prosthesis, suggest you go to one of the other two firms in Honolulu providing such service.


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