DIRECTV - Held Hostage by DirecTV

Posted on Thursday, January 20th, 2011 at 4:48pm CST by b43ee458

Product: Directv

Company: DIRECTV

Location: Los Angeles, US


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Sooo if you have been diligent in raising your child in that you kept them from Television for the first 6 years of his life and you finally decide you'd like to watch baseball together because he likes baseball you cave in and get TV for first time in his life. THE GOOD - The games are great and you laugh and cheer together for the season. THE BAD - since you yourself have not watched any measurable amount of tv in the last 7 years you are horrified to find out what wholesome "family" tv acceptance is throughout the entire spectrum of channels offered. Your child begins to act out on words, actions seen just while browsing between channels, their test scores drop even with minimal viewing per week below 1 hour per day.. and it has turned a loving family who communicates and shares into a fight to keep the meterial from being seen by your child with every press of the button. THE WORST - you thought you had a "special" deal that was presented to you by the DTV salesman about how educational most everything was...what a deal you were getting and so on..

THE WORSTEST' - You decide that it is just not for your family and their value system to engage in this lackluster "fluff" and harmful waste of time and you find you are "LOCKED IN" for two years of it by enforcable contract. OUTRAGEOUS!I can't think of any one thing that is as so weakly defined and so binding especially when it come to personal preference. Who do they think they are to force you to pay for a service that you are unhappy with. They may not BE the broadcast but THEY ARE the facilitator end of story. I will not subject my son to the worst of society now deemed by DTV to be appropriate along with its suppliers. I'm not a religious nut but a concerned parent trying to keep peace and harmony in the household without the poison that 95% of this DISRTIBUTION network is pushing. If you dis-agree with this theory of forced payment sans motive other than financial gain aside from personal freedom to choose your services based on "experience" please make your voice heard. No matter how LARGE a company there should always be room for personal attention and understanding of an individuals concerns regarding their product....

(please excuse typos.. I am so upset by this)


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