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Posted on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 at 1:43pm CST by f048b015

Product: Product Reviews Social Networking Site

Company: Viewpoints Network

Location: 222 W Hubbard Ste 310
Chicago, IL, 60654, US


Category: Other

Viepoints ran a promotion last month offering a $10 Amazon Gift Card for writing 10 product reviews on their site. I did so in the time allotted, yet the company has reneged on the gift card. I received a confirmation from them 10 days ago stating that my reviews were approved and the gift code would be arriving via separate e-mail, and since then all I have received were excuses. Three times one of their reps told me that the gift code was requested and e-mailed to me, yet NOTHING arrived. Today, another rep. is now trying to tell my that my reviews don't count, This entire thing smells of a scam and a ripoff


10f768cd, 2011-01-31, 04:54PM CST

This issue has since been resolved with the user. The user was rightfully compensated for the reviews they wrote during the promotion. All rewards were given as promised to those users that qualified for the promotion.

713a5779, 2014-07-22, 09:02PM CDT

I have a problem with also. It's great that ensure your using proper grammar and spelling, but they have been getting ridiculous about why they won't print a few of my reviews. I just got 2 of my reviews back stating that they couldn't accept them because they were either a. I didn't own the product(more or less saying I lied or plagiarized)or b. I wrote about the wrong product and I forgot what the third reason they gave for not posting either review. This is ridiculous, I have done a lot of reviews for, and this looks to me like a way to get out of giving me my due rewards. One other time a wrote a review about an acne medicine my sons and I used, but they would not print it because again they sent me an email that stated I didn't own the product. I wish I had saved the email because I forgot the exact wording. Then at the bottom it states, if you would like to write a review about a product you own...then it gives you a link to do new review. Why should I do any reviews for if they are going to say I'm either lying, or I'm plagiarizing, as this is all that email amounted to. I will not do another review for as long as they treat me like this. I don't even get paid as much as it's worth, but it was nice having a little amazon cash....

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