Kmart Layaway

Posted on Sunday, January 16th, 2011 at 8:35am CST by e1324573

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Location: Cincinnati, Oh, US

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I put in a Kmart layaway online in November of 2010, I paid a little down($5) and paid the remainder($40) when I picked up the layaway at the Harrison OH location shortly before Christmas. There were 2 items total, a set of sheets and a Baby Alive doll, my daughter received two of these dolls for Christmas so I decided to return the one I had purchased. I could not find the receipt, however I did have the packing slip which came with the items when I picked them up. The packing slip includes all of my information as well as the information on the two items I purchased including their item numbers and price.

Since I could not find the receipt, I assumed this would be okay to take with me back to Kmart since It had all my information on it and they should have my information in their system anyway because I've had several layaways through them before. I stopped by the Hunt Rd. location (near my work) and tried to return the Baby doll(still in box in perfect condition). The lady tells me that without the receipt they can only offer the lowest sale price which is $12, I paid $25, obviously that is not acceptable. I cannot understand why they could not use the packing slip as a receipt, I obviously paid for the items because I was able to get them out of layaway and I was given the packing slip. At the very least she should have been able to find my information in their system due to the fact that I had a layaway with them. A few days later I called the Harrison location where I picked the items up from and was told the same thing, they could give me the lowest sale price, less than half of what I paid!! I asked for a manager and they took down all of my information and I'm still waiting on a call back.


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