Applebee's Neighborhood Grill - Applebee's Snubbed

Posted on Sunday, January 16th, 2011 at 10:31pm CST by e68cbdc9

Product: Food

Company: Applebee's Neighborhood Grill

Location: 6464 E. Northwest Hwy.
DALLAS, TX, 75231, US

Category: Restaurants, Bars

My wife and I went for our anniversary dinner at Applebee's Medallion Center location over a month ago. When entering a large group was seated before us but the 3 waitresses nearby literally turned their backs and ignored us. Never have I entered a place of business without a greeting or told someone will be right with you. Many minutes later we were finally seated and had a great waiter.

During our meal a manager came by and asked how was everything. I told her about the discourteous staff we initially met. She said that would take care of it. But I don't believe anything was done, as she didn't ever return. The next morning I wrote a long letter to their store and filed an online complaint.

A week later I heard back from Jillian and talked for over 20 minutes about our lack of service. She was very nice and said the situation was addressed and that she would be sending us a gift certificate for a couple free meals as compensation.

Three weeks later we get an Award later for $10. Talk about a fast and effective solution. Hell, I tipped the waiter more then that! What a great way to build a reputation and get repeat business. That is 3 times now that we have been snubbed and insulted for a simple mistake that was uncalled for. The follow up was much worst and only exasperated the situation. Why say you are sorry if you really don't care about a good paying customer?

(Follow up sent UPS mail and the Award returned below)


Dear Jillian and J.M. Riggs,

Thank you for the coupon for a discount at your establishment. I am curious as to why it waited three weeks to be mailed. Did you think it was such a small problem as to be quickly forgotten? I was only joking before when I mention that I would be emailing our experience to over 300 of my online friends. But it is a bit too late now. It has been posted to numerous online sites and you should be getting several phone calls from different people. Unlike you guys, I do keep my promises. I like to quickly resolve a minor situation of an unusual occurrence. A simple mistake now has compounded interest by your lack of an adequate response.

Thanks again for the great hospitality,

David Seaman


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