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Posted on Friday, January 14th, 2011 at 8:27pm CST by fe4905ac

Product: Cell Phone

Company: Cricket

Location: US


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To whom it may concern:

I am writing this in tears due to frustration that I have once again experienced on behalf

of Cricket.

I went online to pay my bill on Jan 14 of about $56.00. I click ??pay bill?? and a message in red little letters stated something along the lines of ??You have exceeded the amount of transactions permitted to be paid and for your security payment will not be accepted??. Like everyone else, I figured there has got to be a glitch. I have never heard of this. I then did the whole payment process again. Clicked ??pay bill?? again and the same message about not accepting my payment for security purposes came up again.

I became annoyed and wrote two emails, since one is extremely limited in expressing ones annoyance in just ??200 words or less?? that is permitted in the comment box. I was additionally annoyed since payment is due the 16th and I have to drive to the ??official dealer?? which is a 30 minute drive.

So, I get to the dealer. I explain the message. The guy ??T ?? stares at screen thinking that I am convinced that he knows what he is doing. I give him my card and, of course, even though it??s not my fault, I am required to pay an additional $3.00 for physically coming into the store pay my bill. I did point out that it was their system and not my doing and they spoke of a possible ??glitch?? but I still had to pay an additional $3.00 for their computer systems error.

I get home a bit relieved since my bill is paid. I wanted to see what the status of my checking account since my Resolution was to keep my checkbook balanced. I sign on and in shock that I had only $13.00 in my account! I call my credit union, Valley First Credit Union in Modesto, and ask what transactions are in the process of going through. My worst fear was met. CRICKET HAS ONCE AGAIN DOUBLE CHARGED ME!!

It turns out that my original payment of $56.00 did go through even though their system said it didn??t and the 59.00 has also gone through. I ask the credit union what I can do to fix this. They said all the Cricket has to do is fax over on letterhead stating ??Please release the transaction hold on the amount of $59.00??. I was excited since it sounds easy enough, right? I call ??Cricket Corporate??. No need to get excited, it??s an illegitimate ??corporate?? number. Its just a call center. I tell them the whole thing. The CSA tells me that he can credit my account or send me a refund in 7-10 days. I ask him ??and what do I do with only $13.00 for the next 7-10 days??? Of course, the typical scripted ??Im sorry ma??am????? I then explained what my credit union said and he said that will be fine. He also said the Cricket store can give back my money. I repeated this 5 times, to confirm that the Cricket store can give my money back. I got it confirmed 5 times.

So I drive back to the store and see T. T admitted to not reviewing my account and just taking the payment because somehow Tony ??heard?? me say that my phone is going to be shut off and he just took the payment. I explained what the CSA said. He said they lie and the store cannot give back $59.00. T never apologized. According to his behavior he had no responsibility in this whole fiasco at all. Nope. Because he, the one who stared at the computer screen for 8 mins faking to have the intelligence to understand what I just explained has no accountability at all for the $59.00 mistake he made due to his lack of initiative. I then asked to talk to his supervisor. He went to the back room. Anyone with a brain cell knows what happens when an associate screws up and is trying to cover their behind. He went back there and filled her in with the one sided information so that he appears to have tried to be the ??hero?? for the customer only to have overlooked a minor detail.

The supervisor, comes out and has been ??informed?? of what happened. She tells me that she put in a request for a refund at will take 7-10 days. I tell her, that this is the third time Cricket has screwed me out of money do to their error. She said she didn??t know this was an ongoing problem. I told her what the CSA said and she said she will call the ??Operations Manager?? at ??Corporate?? and see if I can get my money back like the CSA said. I told her what my credit union said about the faxing over something with a title of something and that I will contact them and get the actual name of it. She said she will call operations. I then get clarification on what my credit union said. I go back into the store and see Stacey. I tell Supervisor what my credit union says. She starts shaking her head and says ??I don??t have any letterhead only corporate does??. Really? An official dealer of Cricket does not have any letterhead to fax over a request to release a $59.00 transaction hold, on a Friday over a 3 day weekend? Not quite believable She once again offered to do the 7-10 days refund. I requested her phone number so that I can contact her instead of the 1800 number. She gave it to me.

I then got it my car and cried on my way home. Frustrated because I am being held accountable for a charge that I am not at fault for. Frustrated the lack of empathy, sympathy and an apology from the seat warmer named T. Frustrated because the CSA was just as intelligent as T.

So, now, thanks to the super secret location and phone number to actual Cricket which prevents any direct contact with those in power, I have to figure out what to do financially with the $13.00 Cricket left me with.


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5dc50fb9, 2011-02-23, 04:10PM CST

Yeah, that sucks. I just got charged twice for upgrading my phone (once.) It was supposed to be a free phone after mail-in rebate. So far, it's cost me double and i don't even have it yet. I called cricket and they said they'll put an exclamation mark next to my name and eventually call me back. i called the bank, and so far they deleted one charge from my account but since the order hasn't been processed cricket might still charge me twice if their order qty. is still screwed up.

23d6c372, 2013-03-19, 01:47PM CDT


b85fba30, 2015-05-13, 12:47AM CDT

Cricket charged my bank $90 on the 4th for $90 two phones so that is correct. Then $55 on the 10th. I called them and they said they do not see that charge on their side, so I try to open a account so I can go see my bill statement on line and I type my number in and it says I am not a cricket customer???wtf is up with that? My bank is investigating the situation and hopefully refunding my $55. I cant afford to just give them money.

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