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Company: Credit 911

Location: 125 Ashwarren Rd North York Ontario
Toronto, On, CA


Category: Other

Purchasing your first car should be an exciting experience but that has not been the case for me as of yet. I purchased a car at credit 911 from Felix Shaye, who was at first more than will to help me with my purchase. The actual purchase was fine. He assured me that I??ll have a one year warranty and everything would be fine. While making out payment to him for the down payment. My boyfriend made the purchase. He missed counted by 500$, then I asked him he was sure. He counted again. I paid him the 500$ I went outside to ask my boyfriend why he did not pay all of it he was shocked. He went back into Felix who was then now able to find the $500. This left us with a bitter feeling in our mouth. Once in the car it was not cleaned very well and not even a quarter tank. He told us that was not apart of the purchase. They only out $25.00 worth of gas. The second key of the car was not working. He said he would fix it. After 3 weeks of on going emails, He finally told us we can come in for it. He placed black tape on it the day I was there...that was how he fixed it. Once again I let it slide. After my first payment went though, I contacted Felix regarding the noise from the breaks. He told me he would have service look into it. Once I was there, after waiting 2 hours, a tech. just drove the car around the block, and told me I should break the car in more. He assured me the car was in perfect condition. He worked on it himself. He wanted his family member to purchase the car instead he claimed she got another car. The very next day my imagine light came on, I informed Felix of this, he told me nothing was worng with my car and he trusted his techs. I went to Mazda dealership which I paid for an assessment informed me that all four coils in the car was gone and I would not be able to accelerate well due to another part needing to be replace. I informed Felix; I faxed him over all documentations. His techs looked at the car again...They then stated they would have the parts in the first week of Jan 2011. We are now on the second week. I have heard nothing from Felix. I have expressed my dissatisfaction with the service and have gotten nothing in return. Not even an apology. I know my car was used, but come on I spent $20 000 purchasing it and I would like some sort of satisfaction after my purchase. So much for trusting in humanity!Consumers please be aware. I have not dealt with everyone at credit 911 but this is my experience. They answer questions but never give you resolution to your problem. I will keep you all update in regards to if they ever fixed my problem.

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5bcdef06, 2012-11-19, 10:40AM CST

same thing happened to me.

i am taking this company to court

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