Comcast - Comcast is a rip off. Almost ruined my Credit score

Posted on Thursday, January 13th, 2011 at 11:18am CST by bd5bf750

Product: Comcast internet service

Company: Comcast

Location: Pearland, TN, 77584, US


Category: Other

I was moving overseas so I closed my internet account with Comcast on sep 10 at one of their stores. Was told my remaining balance is $66 and I will have a credit to my account of $6. Even got a receipt for the closing which shows 0 balance.

Just so happened that I have a buddy that was helping me collect my mail in the States. One of the mail was from a debt collector, collecting $26 for Comcast!!!! and it was a notice to send bad debt to the credit bereau.

I called Comcast to get an explanation. They said that the billing cycle was not over and I was to expect another bill.

I said the Comcast guys at the outlett did not tell me I was supposed to get another bill. What they told me was that I was done on the payment and I am supposed to receive a credit. Guess what billing dept told me... she said, well, they guys at the store are not the billing experts. You should have called us, the billing department to clarify.

What an answer. So, everytime I close an account and I am told that I have a credit, I have to call billing department to get clarification! This is absurd and ridiculous!!!!

If I did not have some one getting my mails for me, I would not have even seen that bill and my credit score would have been dinged.

I would tend to understand for utility services you would have to wait a billing cycle to know the final amount, but on a set monthly charge internet service charge that do not fluctuate, you would expect a new bill?!

Damm. Unbelievable! I know the amount is small, but, man it pisses me off that they would provide such answers and horrible service. Never again I will be a customer with Comcast. I hope you guys rot.


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