- Fake Uggs

Posted on Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 at 12:47am CST by ada22870

Product: Ugg Boots


Location: Not sure . They make it look like the U.K. but come from China
Ch, CN


Category: Other

Their is nothing to say these are fake uggs. Sent a pair to Germany and the postal police would not let my niece have them because they said they were FAKES. Told them to stop another order I had with them and they didn't. The web site looks like they are in the U.K. but the packing slip is all in Chinese with no return address. Trying to reach them by e-mail but getting alot of failure to go through to e-mail I have showing on my paper work, will see what my bank can do to help me, just thought people out there should know, had I known I would never have spent all that money to mail fakes to Germany.


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