At&t - At&t Dsl installation

Posted on Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 at 2:14pm CST by 9f09ea80

Company: At&t

Location: Miami, Fl, 33165, US


Category: Other

My cable internet went out the first week of November 2010 and when I called to sign up for ATT Dsl service the corporate office was closed on a saturday, So I called the closest store by me to sign up for service and the represenatives were very nice.. the only down side to this was i had to wait 2 weeks for a line to be installed and the line would be installed on black friday. Black friday rolls around.. no installation guy and the corporate office was closed again due to black friday being a holiday?!?!? (Since when is black friday a holiday??) So I called the store that i signed up service with and they would call me back in a hour to see what was going on. I get a call back saying my apointment was "blacked out" with no notice of this happening and that I would have to wait another week for another appointment!!!

I finally got service after 3 weeks and they charged me full price for installation and service which trying to get them to reduce the price after all the crap I went through to get service was terrible and they said theres nothing they can do cause the guy actually came.

After this contract is up im going back to comcast.


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