All Smiles Dental - Beware All Smiles Dental

Posted on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 at 3:51pm CST by f554bd6d

Product: All Smiles Dental

Company: All Smiles Dental

Location: 1301 East Bond Street,
Monett, MO, 65708, US


Category: Other

I actually spent OVER $200 dollars and I'm VERY disappointed in the "All Smiles" dental team. The patient was my 7 year old son and I was NOT allowed to be in the room while they did the procedure. They said he "needed" a root canal, but did a deep filling. W/in ONE week my son was having pain again. They did ANOTHER x-ray, and then another 'deeper' filling. I got charged for BOTH appointments, even though they admitted they did nothing to help on the 1st visit. Today (a week after the 2nd filling) the same tooth was again hurting and painful. At first the Dentist offered to give me a refund on the 2nd filling, and said they'd do the root canal today (and of course, charge me for it) but I told him I wanted a 2nd opinion. The refund offer was taken off the table!! I am SO dissatisfied with Dr Kean, his staff and "all smiles" SHOULD be re-named "all frowns". Today, I took my son to a Dentist who said the decay was still in the tooth and it needed to be pulled. There is a 12 year molar that will eventually replace the spot where that tooth was. Guess what it cost me?? $14.00.....And THIS dentist allowed me to sit right there in the room while they did the procedure. All smiles dental is NOT to be trusted!! They will CHARGE you for doing work that is not NEEDED or doesn't work!


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