Barnes & Noble - Barns & Noble Has Poor Support to International Customers

Posted on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 at 10:36am CST by b94a9046

Product: NookColor

Company: Barnes & Noble

Location: Tseung Kwan O, Ho, n/a, HK


Category: Other

I have purchased the NookColor from Barnes & Noble. The NookColor is an e-reader, i.e. a device for reading ebook. It came with an USB cable for charging and also file transfer with desktop PC. At the beginning, everything works normally. But few weeks after the purchase, I found I couldn't perform file transfer with the USB cable, i.e. my PC didn't recognize the device at all. Fortunately, I have another cable and tried the file transfer. It worked. Therefore, I knew that cable was defective. I then contact BN via email. They then replied that I had to contact them via phone. I called them but their hotline was extermely busy and I had to wait in the IVRS loop for more than 20 minutes before answered by their support. I talked to him about my problem. He checked with my detail and finally confirmed that I should get the replacement. But at that moment, I told him I would like to confirm him the delivery address and then finished the call. Later on, I decided the delivery address and I sent email to BN to ask for the replacement. But they only sent me the "robotic" reply to ask me to contact them by phone. I was frustrated that their email support channel is actually useless. I have explained that the IDD had already costed me more than that of the USB cable. But they still keep on sending that "robotic" reply...

My service order at BN is:KMM28735580V50896L0KM


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