Comcast - Where is my refund (phone sex edition)

Posted on Monday, January 10th, 2011 at 6:42pm CST by cb6cabf5

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Here is the latest effort in my ongoing attempt to try to get comcast to give me the $200 rebate they owe me. Two days, a long e-mail exchange, three seperate phone calls to three different people, and now A LIVE CHAT!

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Kimberly(Mon Jan 10 14:10:40 EST 2011)>Where is my $200 rebate?

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Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:10:50 EST 2011)>Hello kimberly_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Allan. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:11:06 EST 2011)>How are you doing today?

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:11:43 EST 2011)>Fine, you?

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:11:45 EST 2011)>I am glad to hear that. I am doing well too, thank you for asking.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:12:03 EST 2011)>I see here that you are inquiring about your $200 rebate. Is that correct?

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:12:33 EST 2011)>Yes.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:13:10 EST 2011)>I understand your concern and I will be glad to check and assist you with that.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:13:11 EST 2011)>To ensure the integrity of your account information. Can I please have the Full Account Name? Also, please provide me your comcast account number.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:13:38 EST 2011)>kimberly xxxxxxxxxxx

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:13:50 EST 2011)>I don't have my account number handy.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:14:11 EST 2011)>I understand. May I please have the last 4 digits of your SSN instead for verification?

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:14:28 EST 2011)>8971

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:14:22 EST 2011)>Thank you.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:14:23 EST 2011)>Please give me one moment to pull up everything here in the system.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:14:38 EST 2011)>By the way, while I pull up your account, allow me to share to you a comcast feature, the Self Help on It has an extensive series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that cover all of our products. Customers do not have to sign in to access the FAQs. Quick steps to do it...Open a web browser window and go to . On the home page, the navigation menus are on the top of the page, click on Customers then Help and Support. You can check it out for quick tips, steps and for general information.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:17:16 EST 2011)>Hello?

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:17:31 EST 2011)>I am here, Kimberly.I am sorry for the wait, I am still loading your account information.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:17:37 EST 2011)>Please bear with me for another 2-3 minutes.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:17:54 EST 2011)>ok

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:21:24 EST 2011)>Thank you for patiently waiting.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:21:47 EST 2011)>I have your account pulled up now.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:22:03 EST 2011)>ok

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:24:01 EST 2011)>And?

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:24:42 EST 2011)>The system does not show your rebate status as of the moment, Kimberly. But we have a dedicated department that can track the status of your rebate for your account.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:25:09 EST 2011)>ok

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:25:25 EST 2011)>In this case, I will need to refer you to our rebate and giftcheck department at: 1 800 526 3208 Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 5pm.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:25:44 EST 2011)>No.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:26:30 EST 2011)>My bank can give me a $150,000 mortgage in 4 weeks. It's taken me 17 weeks to try to get you the $200 you OWE me.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:27:10 EST 2011)>I want you to send me the $200 card, OR I want a $200 credit on my account, OR I want you to cancel my service and close my account.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:28:08 EST 2011)>I am sorry for that, Kimberly however we don't have further access to your rebate status. This is handled by our dedicated department that tracks rebates and giftchecks. We don't want you to disconnect your services with this issue. I am sure that this will be resolved with the appropriate department.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:29:15 EST 2011)>If you can't do the rebate, then I'm sure you can either do the credit or cancel my service. I'm done wasting my time on this, and I'm tired of feeling used by your company.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:30:27 EST 2011)>I am sorry for that but here in chat we are not able to cancel or process a credit for rebates, Kimberly. It is possible that your rebate that is already on the way and we just need to check the status. Our rebate department will be able to review your account and access details about your rebate status.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:31:14 EST 2011)>Why don't YOU call them and let me know what they say?

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:32:51 EST 2011)>I am sorry for that however we are not able to call out as we are from chat support.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:33:49 EST 2011)>Of course. Thanks a lot Al. You've been very helpful. I'm on to AT&T's site to get my uverse back. Bye.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:34:24 EST 2011)>I am sorry for that. Please do call our rebate department. I am sure this can be resolved.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:37:14 EST 2011)>Wow Al. That number you gave me refers me to the number 800 834-TALK which is a PHONE SEX number. Do you think THEY can help me with my rebate?

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:37:36 EST 2011)>I am copying all of this to forward it on to corporate by the way.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:39:03 EST 2011)>I am sorry for that, Kimberly. There must be a mistake. That number is for the rebate status.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:39:45 EST 2011)>My apologies, Kimberly. It should be 1-800-526-3268

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:39:54 EST 2011)>I provided 1-800-526-3208.

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:42:42 EST 2011)>Are you still there?

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:43:01 EST 2011)>yes

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:43:15 EST 2011)>no surprise, i'm holding

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:44:53 EST 2011)>I am sorry for that. The wait time depends on the number of customers waiting.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:45:11 EST 2011)>right

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:46:58 EST 2011)>I am glad to have referred you to the appropriate department that can further assist you in resolving your concern. Do you have other concerns for me today? I will be glad to assist you further.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:47:36 EST 2011)>you stay right there til i get off of the phone al

Allan(Mon Jan 10 14:49:15 EST 2011)>I understand that, Kimberly however if there is nothing else that I can assist you with, I would need to end this chat to assist other customers.

kimberly_(Mon Jan 10 14:49:54 EST 2011)>so, i have to stay on hold, but you don't?

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