City of Houston Water Division - Restoring Water

Posted on Monday, January 10th, 2011 at 8:53am CST by e4c43b99

Product: City of Houston Water Division

Company: City of Houston Water Division

Location: Houston, Tx, 77078, US

Category: Other

My water was turned off 010611 due to money shortage i went early Friday morning before 9:00 am payed the bill came back and faxed the reciept i was told it take a possible 2 day to restore services i called to day the lady i spoke with known as Anna said i must count friday to monday /to tuesday before restoring they say people who have new service come before a person who water is cut of and children dont matter because we all have children i know it is my fault that i dont have water but thats horrible and unsanitary not to allow people to get water if its not 2 days prior she said it is the city policy to not restore for 2 working days not because the dont have the man power but because you are punished for letting it get cut isn't 5 days long enough punishment.


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