Emeritus Senior Facility - Senior Nursery Care RIP OFF

Posted on Saturday, January 1st, 2011 at 12:53pm CST by 263d16e9

Company: Emeritus Senior Facility

Location: 2750 Drew Street
Clearwater, FL, 33759, US

URL: http://www.emeritus.com

Category: Other

My 84 year old Mother signed a lease to stay in the Emeritus Clearwater Assisted Living facility. She paid an additional $5,000.00 to lower her long term rent from $1,500 / mo to $1,000.00. While under level 2 increased care, she fell 4 times in 2 days at their facility. She had a fractured ankle when she went in and after her last fall, she was sent to Emergency where after X-Rays they found she had a broken leg.

Under advice from her Doctor, she was sent with a cast to rehab for recovery, we thought for perhaps 15 to 20 days. Unfortunately, due to her rapid progression of Dementia and her broken leg, she can not get around. Here it is going on 3 months after moving in to Emeritus and she has run out of Medicaid coverage and finances as we have continued to pay Emeritus along with her other medical bills believing she would go back however, her own finances and lack of assistance from Federal dollars is proving otherwise. My Moms total stay at Emeritus to date has been for 2 days and 1 night at a cost of over $9.000.00.

We have had out of necessity, turned her case over to Medicaid for financial support. I kept in contact with the Manager of Emeritus throughout this situation advising her of my Moms health status. When I informed Emeritus that my Mom would not be returning and requested they refund the $5,000, I was told the Regional Manager would have to make that decision. After speaking again with the Manager of the Clearwater facility, I was told that they refused to refund any funds. I requested to speak to the Regional Manager and was refused her office number. In fact, the Regional Manager has refused to speak to me or return my call regarding this matter. I sent a letter to the President of Emeritus at their Corporate Office, waited a week before following up with a phone call. Here it is 2 weeks after the letter went out and I still have not had a response regardless of my repeated calls to the President, his assistant or anyone else from their corporate office.

I made it clear to all Emeritus parties in writing and in my conversations that we would be willing to pay them the increased monthly fee from $1,000 to $1,500 for the 2 months my Mom leased out the apartment even though she had not lived there more that 2 days. They refused to refund the $5,000. and also charged us for the 2 months she was not there. I understand they are in business to make a profit but this is more than bad customer service it is out right indifference and greed. Under these circumstances I believe this is a professional and moral tragedy that needs to be dealt with in the Nursing Care industry.


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