Land Paintball - Assaulted by paintball employee

Posted on Saturday, January 1st, 2011 at 3:27pm CST by 0029b207

Product: Paint ball

Company: Land Paintball

Location: 4999 old rathmell court
columbus, Oh, 43207, US


Category: Other

A bald guy in his early to mid-20s who was decked out in paintball gear and had his own paintball gun complained that there were too many girls on his team. There were 2 females on each team. So I moved from his team to the opposing team to appease him. Now he had 1 female on his team and 3 females on the other team.

During that game, myself and 2 other people were shooting at him. He got shot apparently several times, at which time he was supposed to be out of the game, yell "Out!", put his hands up, and walk back to his homebase. Instead, he flipped out, started screaming, ran around a fence (past a male who shot him also), ran up to me, cussed me out calling me derogatory names, and shot me point blank in the hand, buttocks, and inner thigh. This caused my hand to bleed and swell up, and I had very large black and purple welts on my body. Although I had a paintball gun in my hand as well, I did not retaliate against him. His actions were completely unwarranted. I was in shock that he would break the rules and intentionally harm another player. I was very angry and upset. Immediately, I asked both referees to remove him from the game and they both ignored me. His friend whom he plays paintball with said that this was out of character for him and he is usually a laid back person.

When my friends and I went to return our rental equipment, I found out that he is an employee and is waiting on a medical discharge from the military. This company is allowing a mentally unstable employee mentally and physically abuse its patrons. I was in a lot of physical pain.

I do not appreciate being intentionally mentally and physically abused by this company's employees. I filed a police report and found out the employee who assaulted me is Curtis Terry.


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