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Posted on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 at 1:04pm CST by 0b9accaf

Product: the harley medical group

Company: the harley medical group

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i had an appointment for a procedure in which the deposit was already paid for of ?50 which i later did not want to proceed with. this was because there where issues that were raised by my dermatologist advicing me not to do it as it was not the right procedure for me. so i ended up canceling it and went in to explain why. i was told i would get a refund back but will have to wait one month, i called back asking why i have not been contacted and whats going on. i was told i would get my refund back but would have to wait a couple more weeks. after waiting a couple more weeks i was then contacted by phone and told to send in a letter. in which i did send, after i had sent the letter i had waited a further few more weeks with no reply. i then decided to call myself which is when the harley medical group again told me to wait a few more days as there is apparently no one in to deal with my refund. on the 9th feb 2011 i am then told i will not be refunded. i am a student whose been sending letters contacting them for about 2 months while they messed me around telling me i can have my refund back and then completely changing their minds last minute.

on their website there is no customer services link only a contact for equiries about their medical procedures. I guess they don't accept complaints!

there are other people in my situation, the hyperlink will show many more people like me:


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