TFI USD 475 Child Development Center - Daycare neglect

Posted on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 at 4:15pm CST by e9e1efc9

Company: TFI USD 475 Child Development Center

Location: 1803 Elmdale
Junction City, ks, 66441, US

Category: Other

My son was 7-8 weeks old when I brought him home from daycare. I changed his diaper and noticed he was bleeding on his bottom. When I checked his daily sheet he had not had his diaper changed for 4 hours. I was told they are changed every hour at this center. When I called the director Regina Jackson she gave me the providers home number and told me to call her because she couldn't do anything about it. The provider didn't answer and I pulled him from the daycare. Regina Jackson told me should would refund me for the 2 weeks I had already paid for. When I talked to their ombudsman she told me that Regina jackson had brought up that my 11 year old son went to the same center 7 years ago which has nothing to do with why my son was neglected. She only lied to me about the refund to get me to leave the building. Doris was the provider who didn't take the time to change my baby's diaper. I should have known something was wrong with a daycare that keeps the baby in the carseat when you drop them off. I have left and watched from outside and the baby will stay in the carseat til they start crying. I called the local health department and they never contacted me. Regina jackson made it look like he had a diaper rash from home. She is a liar and unprofessional. I am a registered nurse but Regina Jackson talked to the ombudsman about how I was a single mother and other things that were irrelevant. Nothing was ever done. Now my son attends a CDC on Ft Riley. I have had no problems with them and he has never had a diaper rash to where his bottom was bleeding and with sores.


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