MARX'S LEHIGH VALLEY DOG TRAINING - An utterly total ripoff

Posted on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 at 9:03am CST by 140d0098

Product: Dog Training


Location: Unknown ; untraceable
Allentown, PA, Unknown, a, US


Category: Other

We should've known this place was a scam, when you couldn't find a tangible business address. All that exists is a WEBSITE with fantastic claims of success.

It was pouring down rain the day they INSISTED on coming to our home and training our dogs. I wanted to schedule another day, but the male owner, Michael said "Oh, that won't be a problem." For HIM. It was miserable. The "wife" came over with a helper and 2 trained dogs to show how well THEY behaved. The watched our dogs in a few mach situations, and told us to do a few things to get them to curb their responses to strangers approaching the property. And told us how to finally get these older dogs to STOP pottying in the house. NONE of their suggestions worked. They showed up for just a few hours that ONE day, and made promises that we didn't have to pay until we were satisfied(ON THE PHONE from Michael), but the wife had no such intention. She wanted $809.00 immediately. And then told us to replace the collars and leashes, and charged us for that.

After that, when we tried to get them to answer their phone, they were gone for a week or more and wouldn't answer their phones. I guess they were partying on the money or getting the wife more plastic surgery or enhancements with money they took from us.

They said they had "free" field training classes available, but they were offered only on Sundays during our church services.

The dogs didn't stop doing ANYTHING they had been doing prior to spending the $809.00. Period. We've owned dogs for 40+ years, and NEVER have we had dogs that chewed up everything they could get their teeth into, or use the bathroom in the house after the first year. These dogs are FOUR YEARS old.

When we called them to ask for assistance in getting our dogs homes, the male owner said to try Craigslist. Wow. What a value. These guys need to be investigated by the State Atty General, and I plan to have them investigated on fraud and deception.

BUYER BEWARE... Businesses MUST have a physical address and must be traceable and responsible...


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