Contact Line LLC - Treat Employees horribly

Posted on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 at 3:25pm CST by a78b7bdb

Company: Contact Line LLC

Location: 12700 Northborough Road
Houston, tx, 77069, US


Category: Other

This company treats it's employees horribly. They never delivered peoples paychecks on time. Their pay weeks are weird, instead of the typical every two weeks it's the 15th and the last day of every month, which makes it impossible to know if your paycheck is correct.

The company apparently is very big in Mexico, there they have all this equipment and great infrastructure (supposedly). But they have nothing here in America at all. We overheard the supervisors asking for things all the time to do their jobs, and it was always the same story. In a couple of days, then what they were asking for would never come, making it impossible for them to do their jobs.

Twice we had to hide the fact that we were a call center from the fire marshall because the owner commited fraud and got a cheap license that does not allow them to act as a call center. The fire marshall would walk around and we would have to take the headsets and hide them so he wouldn't see them and turn off our computers so he wouldn't see the call center software by accident. The supervisors would have to pretend like they were teaching us something, which they weren't.

To top that off they were racist. They looked down their noses at all the black people there frequently and I heard (though second hand, but I don't doubt it) that they refused to hire a homosexual male and said deragatory things about black people in general.

Contact Line itself is actually a Mexican company, but in order for them to do business in America they have to have an American business with at least six employees. So the owner created a company called ANL and put six of the employees under the ANL heading, even though those employees were working for Contact Line, another case of fraud. And they employe an illegal alien, Elias, who the owner treats like his own personal slave. The poor guy works like 12 hours a day and I don't think he gets paid very much.

On the 15th of December we were supposed to get paid, we didn't. And we got sent home early because yet again the call list was down so we had no numbers to call (happened all the time). We were assured by the supervisors that we would be paid the following morning at 8 am, which we were not. We were then told by Carlos (the owners little do boy) that we would be paid at noon. They numbers were still down so we just sat there waiting. Noon came and went, still no paycheck, finally at almost 6 pm the paychecks arrived and we were all laid off at the same time. Which in and of itself wasn't a surprise sense this company obviousley had no idea what it was doing in regards to conducting business here in America. They made us sit there, all day long, waiting for our paychecks and we did absolutely nothing at all but stare at each other. To top that off they shorted us. The base employees were supposed to be paid ten dollars an hour if they had showed up everyday and on time, we weren't we were paid 8. And I don't know if this is true or not but I heard from one of the supervisors that he had worked over a hundred hours during a two week period and was not paid overtime for it. Which would not surprise me at all. I also know of two people who did not recieve their paychecks until like four days after they were supposed to.

They also did not do back ground checks when they hired people. A girl was hired and it turned out she got fired from her last job for stealing, which explains where Kevin's phone went. It was an Android, and it was stolen, instead of making the obvious connection the asshole head manager Jose blamed everyone. Eventually she was fired, but for something else.

If you are black or homosexual do not work for this company, they will treat you like a second class citizen. The only people that will get treated with any respect are hot women and white guys. That is the truth believe it or not. The company is horrible and their business practices are shady at best. Seek employment else where please.


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