Truth Broadcasting - Fraud Alert: Milton Corey is Back! Here, there, everywhere

Posted on Saturday, February 5th, 2011 at 6:20pm CST by 791152ca

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Michael Hurley's Fraud Tracking Service Network has A Potential Fraud Bulletin to announce, on two individuals who may be involved in fraud, have been involved in fraud related investigations in Arizona, and have attracted the attention of a number of law enforcement agencies, and Fraud Tracking clients.

Update:1:34 PM 2/5/2011


The known cohorts in a questionable landscape design "college" in Tucson, Arizona are now arousing suspicions due to their new, or individually created internet/web promotional activities to potentially draw new people into their potential new frau schemes.

Name: Milton Corey, Marjorie Schaeffer

Background: Former Director of an alleged fraud "Fleur de Lis Institute College of Landscape Design", under the business license name FDL, INC., in Tucson, Arizona, which made local newspaper headlines, and landed the school in litigation, loss of accreditation, and on-going legal issues, is now resuming potential fraud activities through his alleged new internet presence as "Truth Broadcasting". The name alone, suggests an air of honesty and credibility, when in fact this individual is known, in Arizona public litigation, to have questionable motives bilking students in a fraudulent landscape design school, and a definite possibility of not being truthful. e.g. An alleged slick master of fraudulent persona, panache, and confidence. (tens of students and former faculty lodged group and individual complaints against this alleged scheister, ranging from breech of contract, untruthful representation, and fraud/swindle in connection with student tuitions credit/loans and not paying instructors who completed work for Milton Corey, and Marjorie Schaeffer, while they operated an alleged landscape design school (Fleur de Lis Institute College of Landscape Design), now steeped in potential criminal investigation, legal and accreditation investigation for fraud and misrepresentation by a number of public and private agencies, and individuals. FDL, if you notice, is an acronym for a number of potential fraudulent facades (a common technique amongst experience frauds). What is one day "Fleur de Lis", can become "Food and Drink Licensing", "Fraud Detection Liaison", "Friendly Dollar Lovers" the next.

This pair, Milton Corey and Marjorie Schaeffer-Corey, display cunning and deliberate malice in their handling of responsibilities with the money of others, for services they deliver in a mediocre fashion, if at all. Cunning has been used to describe how they also employ legal protection to continue to hide their alleged activities, and removal of potential evidence from their places of business. Though these allegations are part of the claim of students, instructors and others, it is increasingly apparent, that these two are quite possibly well experienced and "street" worn con men.

The public is to be made aware of the known history of these two, and any new potential fraudulent fronts they may erect on the internet, and land based operations. If you know anyone involved with their schemes, or potentially being victimized by their stealth, cunning, and potential fraudulent target areas, please warn them. if you are involved with them please beware of the potential danger, and do not hesitate to lodge your complaints with the following:

In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) handles complaints about deceptive or unfair business practices. To file a complaint, visit:

and click on "File a Complaint Online," call 1-877-FTC-HELP, or write to:

Federal Trade Commission


Washington, D.C. 20580

If your complaint is against a company in a country other than the United States, please file it at (If you suspect Milton Corey or Marjorie Schaeffer of International Fraud or confidence games)

FBI Internet Fraud Complaints

Attorney General - You can file a complaint with the Attorney general of the state where the alleged crime occurred, here's how:

Arizona Attorney General

Florida Attorney General

File a Complaint with the Florida Attorney General

United States Department of Justice

Do not forget, according to the state of the United States of the alleged crime, you can file complaints with the applicable county and city attorneys of that states county and city jurisdictions, where the alleged crime occurred, or where it was presented to you in ad, phone or internet form. Even if you get one agency in error, they will forward your complaint and charges to the applicable law enforcement agency.

In Case you were in unfair debt collection perpetrated by FDL or other fronts involving Milton Corey or Marjorie Schaeffer:

Internet Fraud Archives

Judge recommends pulling accredited status of "Fleur de Lis Institute College of Landscape Design" (Google News Archives)

Judge Recommends Landscape "School" Lose Accreditation

"1. Landscape school loses AZ licenses

July 27, 2007 517 words ID: MERLIN_5297299

Board: financial data too spotty ///// The Fleur de Lis Institute has lost its state licenses to operate vocational and degree programs. The Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education decided Thursday that it didn't have the financial information it needed to oversee the landscape design school. The school also missed its deadline for earning accreditation. The board voted not to renew the institute's licenses. Fleur..."

Judge Recommends Landscape "School" Lose Accreditation 2

"1. Landscaping school loses license

May 23, 2008 405 words ID: MERLIN_5970416

Ongoing financial and management woes are blamed ///// A state board revoked the license of a local landscaping college on Thursday, following a judge's recommendation. For nearly a year, the Fleur de Lis Institute, 1133 S. Swan Road, has been under scrutiny by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education following complaints from a few students. The school has offered landscape design classes since 2003. Marjorie Schaeffer,..."

Students allegedly ripped off; Teachers not paid"1. LANDSCAPE STUDENTS' COMPLAINTS

July 26, 2007 894 words ID: MERLIN_5294752

College faces state scrutiny ///// A fledgling landscape design college in Midtown is struggling financially as it faces a state licensing board today, according to complaints filed with the board. A former student, Roxanne Dobosz, said she dropped out of the Fleur de Lis Institute, 1133 S. Swan Road, because the quality didn't meet her expectations. Then, she said, she couldn't get her money back for classes she hadn't..."

Landscape school's financial information questionable

"1. Landscape institute may lose its license

January 26, 2008 367 words ID: MERLIN_5690078

The owners of a private landscape design college in Tucson could lose their state license in a hearing Monday in Phoenix. The license for Fleur de Lis Institute, 1133 S. Swan Road, has been in jeopardy for months. The licensing board, the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education, denied the school's license renewal in July, but Fleur de Lis has been allowed to stay open during appeals. Company President Marjorie Schaeffer said her attorney..."

"Byline: Becky Pallack

Sep. 28--A state education board held an emergency meeting Thursday to place the Fleur de Lis Institute in Tucson on probation.

The landscaping school, at 1133 S. Swan Road, may continue to offer classes to the 20 to 30 students who have paid for them, but it can't accept new student-tuition money, said Keith Blanchard, deputy director of the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education.

The board took away the school's state licenses to operate vocational and degree programs in July, saying it didn't have the financial information it needed to properly oversee the school. It has been allowed to stay open during..."

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Principal Truth

@PrincipalTruth Florida

Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area

"Principal Truth educates, encourages, and promotes the truth through all aspects of business, finance, and the back bone of Americas Entrepreneurship, for FREE!"

Michael Hurley Fraud Tracker recommends questioning the above Milton Corey quote and truth as unsubstantiated potential confidence (con man) flack, and to consider Milton Corey armed and dangerous. Armed with the wiley desire, ability and machinations for stealing your money through potentially fraudulent, confidential means, and dangerous to your money, credit and property.

[email protected]

[email protected]

"Uncompromised Veracity :: Encouraging Personal, Domestic, & Business Success"

But, apparently, that "uncompromised veracity" has been compromised, and the very definition, when applied to Milton Corey, is that he is an alleged Veritable fraud.


Background from Internet Fraud Tracker Services Agent Michael Hurley

Milton Corey Out of your network

Owner, Principal Truth Broadcasting

Tucson, Arizona Area | Internet

Milton Corey Out of your network

Founder, Principal Truth Broadcasting

Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area | Internet


Milton Corey

Owner, Principal Truth Broadcasting

Tucson, Arizona Area Internet


Owner at Principal Truth Broadcasting


Executive Director at Fleur de Lis Institute College of Landscape Design


Leland Powers School

School name:


13 connections

Public Profile


Milton Corey's Experience


Principal Truth Broadcasting

Internet industry

Currently holds this position

Executive Director

Fleur de Lis Institute College of Landscape Design

Education Management industry

May 2003 October 2008 (5 years 6 months)

Only college in the US [execusively] dedicated to Landscape Design & Business Management. Illegally forced to close by a dishonest state regulatory board.

Milton Corey's Education

Leland Powers School

Associate's, Broadcasting & Communication

1960 1962

Also completed many courses in estate, business and marketing planning as well as asset protection from various organizations

Activities and Societies: Leland Powers School was closed as the result of it's campus being acquired by the Issabella Stuart Gardener Museum

School name:

Milton Corey's Contact Settings

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career opportunities

consulting offers

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Reputation is bad and not considered reliable. It is not listed in any blacklists, yet. Search: fraud-database.iuc.125RT?=LogMH for

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