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Product: FORD

Company: premier-ford-lincoln-mercury,inc

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I leased a new car 3 years ago ,we requested to get car with tv-dvd ,the dealership where we leased this car did not have at that moment,So they promise to install requested tv-dvd by them self.We had to wait three days until they purchased and installed.When we came to pick up our car,we were shock :instead of buying specialized car tv-dvd with required panel, they just bought a regular tv-dvd player without any special equipment for normal installation.Because the purchase regular tv-dvd equipment was not meant for use in the car dealership employees had to put four big holes in the roof of the car and damaged sunroof. When I pointed it to dealership employee that sunroof and car roof are damage I was assured there will be no problem while returning this car to the same dealership after three years as long as tv-dvd equipment was install by dealership employee's and we are not responsible for car roof and sunroof damage.When my car lease was expired three month ago we went to the same dealership to get a new car.I inquired about return car inspaction I was advised that nothing has to be inspected if I will lease new car from the same dealership.Can you imagine,my surprise,when I receive auto inspection bill from Ford credit one moans ago with total charge of $1995 for hols in the roof and sunroof damage while car tv-dvd self installation.I contacted Ford credit,but they referred me back to the dealership.When I called dealership employee back for the first time to resolve this issue I had explained my problem to the dealer named Ted Epelbaum he promised me to contact Ford credit and resolve this problem by himself,he also told me he remembers about car roof damage cost by dealership installers.Within the next two weeks I called the dealership every day concerning resolution of my dispute. Every time I called I was guaranteed that they are in negotiations with Ford credit.However Ford credit informed me in two weeks that they are not aware about any negotiations with dealership,and total charges of $1995 will be refer to the collections agency.For another two weeks I get in touch with Ted,and with dealership manager numerous times to complete resolution of my problem ,I was transfers back and forth continually from operator to dealer,from dealer to manager without any help.Finally I called Ted Epelbaum one more time instate that dealership is responsible for all this charges and bill,As long as the initial problem is cost by dealership only.In the and dealership employees just stop to take my calls and I decided to file complain with better business bureau to get fair resolution of my problem. Than you very match for your attention in this meter.

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000bee6f, 2011-02-14, 03:06PM CST

This is very difficult to read in spelling, word usage and grammar. I did get through the whole thing, but after I read the first few sentences I was ready to close it. I can only imagine that most readers on this website would not get through the first sentence.

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