UPS - UPS: Incompetent, Indifferent and just plain LAAAZY!

Posted on Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 11:00pm CST by efcedfb9

Product: UPS - United Parcel Service

Company: UPS

Location: 55 Glenlake Parkway NE
Atlanta, GA, 30328, US


Category: Other

In the 6 Years I have lived at this address, UPS has yet to successfully deliver a package to my door without me having to call to complain. The driver has repeatedly "tried to deliver" to a laundry door, always leaving a hopeless yellow note that they were unable to deliver. Of course, they are unable to deliver since nobody lives in the Laundry Room, duh. Though, I have complained multiple times by calling the UPS customer service call center, they have yet to correct the performance of this incompetant employee. It is insulting and infuriating that he continues to purposely not walk up the 11 stairs to my front door until I have complained enough that I lose my voice. In a current episode, I've called UPS to complain about a package "out for delivery" since Feb 1 (1Z5281860305932053 - it's now 9pm on the 4th and I still do not have my parcel though this package is only traveling a total of 28 miles!). I spoke with a superviser Rachelle #2595 with no resolution, then her supervisor Sean #5281 with no resolution, then his supervisor Rachelle #2968 who hung up on me after I was on the phone for nearly 1hr 20minutes to be able to speak with her (note: even if she did care enough to want to help me, UPS does not empower her with to tools to make clients happy - their "hands are tied"). I am fed up with UPS. I have filed a complaint with the BBB demanding that the driver on my route be replaced and that an executive of the company appologize for all of the grief that they've put me through. Since they do not care, I do not anticipate that they satisfy my claim so I am boycotting UPS! I will tell you all, and everyone who I know that I think UPS is the worst company on the planet. Entrust them with your parcels and you may get exactly what I've received over the past 6 years - lost shipments, stolen goods from outside areas, countless delays, damage, indifferent "customer service" agents, and just pure LAZYNESS.


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