Sears - Sears Gift Card Scam = Christmas 2011

Posted on Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 3:29am CST by af4c132b

Company: Sears

Location: Valley View Center 13131 Preston Road
Dallas, TX, 75240, US


Category: Other

Prior to Christmas (12-16-2010) I purchased two coats for a gift so my elderly mother could pick one. I returned the coat not selected on 1-28-11 with the receipt and coat.

I was told the due to an unasked for "gift card" being issued with the original purchase (on Salescheck # 01057210831) the refund due for $39.99+tax would be REDUCED to $30.57.

Although I had paid the full amount, I would not be given a full refund due to the "gift card" which was never used and I offered to return. The store's manager checked the gift card balance and said it was still the original $10.00 BUT the card was a Christams promotion and had expired on Jan. 8, 2011. Thus, per Salescheck# 010575215295 I would be CHARGED for the unused gift card (due to making a return on mechandise that "earned" the "free" $10 gift card).

Sears shorted a long-time customer of a full refund due to manager saying we "cannot override the computer". (That is a lie!! The sales computer tried to charge me full price on an item and the cashier was able to change it to the posted sales price.)

The store manager on duty also implied that my complaint about my loss of $10 refund was somehow my fault and I was apparently trying to "take" the full amount that I had paid the store on the original purchas.

A rip-off SCAM. SHAME on Sears!!


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