Massage Envy - Massage Envy - Thievery

Posted on Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 11:28am CST by cb63b681

Company: Massage Envy

Location: 2703 E. Broadway Suite 131
Columbia, MO, 65201, US

Category: Other

I recently found a Massage Envy gift certificate purchased by my son as a Christmas Gift, tucked away in a file folder in my office filing cabinet. I was surprised when I noticed an expiration date. Mmmm? I called our local Massage Envy in Columbia, MO and learned that since there has been a computer system change the gift certificate would not be honored. I offered to buy a second massage if they would accept my the gift certificate. This fell on deft ears as well.

I am angry for several reasons. One reason that I am angry is that my son's thoughtfulness toward his father has been sabotaged by a company's fine print policy of expiration dates on a paid for gift certificate. He barely makes $10.00 an hour and pays his own rent, car payment and so forth out of his meager earnings. Another reason is that it is morally unacceptable when a company withholds goods or services that have been paid for and proof of purchase is rendered.

I understand that Massage Envy no longer sells gift certificates with expiration dates. The sad fact is you never should have done so. They should be forced to render services purchased -- no matter what their computer system.


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