Clear Wireless Internet - Clear Wireless Internet - World's Worst Wireless Internet Company Says Consumer Advocate

Posted on Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 11:36pm CST by 78a713c5

Product: Clear Wireless Internet

Company: Clear Wireless Internet

Location: Clear Dept CH14365 Palatine, IL 60055-4365
Palatine, IL, 60055-4365, US


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Clear Wireless Internet was an absolute disaster for consumer advocate Paul F Davis who urges consumers to find another company. Davis in New York City had numerous problems with the clear wireless internet company, tech support, and billing dept.

7 Reasons NOT to use Clear Wireless Internet

1. Clear wireless internet was inconsistent in the charges they quoted me over the phone versus what they billed me monthly.

2. Clear wireless internet did NOT work consistently for the first two months and was off and on.

3. Clear wireless internet tech support tier 1 calls get routed first to the Philippines where the tech support for clear wireless internet ask you shallow and insulting questions, much more like an interrogation session than tech support.

4. Clear wireless internet wasted hours of my time and caused me much hassles and aggravation hindering my work productivity.

5. Clear wireless internet refused to freeze my account when I went overseas during the holidays on vacation from Dec.17, 2010 - Feb. 2nd, 2011.

6. Clear wireless internet runs their company from a managerial philosophy that considers the customer as a means to be monetized and exploited, rather than a client to be honored, esteemed and served.

When I phoned Clear wireless internet upon returning home in Feb., 2011 (after having several reps tell me that I could not freeze my account as that "was not possible"), I then to my surprise got a tech support from Clear in the Philippines who referred to such a freeze / hold on the account as "hybridization" and told me it was possible.

However when I phoned billing (a specific prompt when you call Clear) and got an American based tech guy named Chris Owens (of course because they want to take credit cards and your money, far more important than tech support matters which can be routed to the Philippines).... The American tech guy said "There is no documentation about you trying to freeze the account."

So Mr. Owens didn't refund the $49.95 I was billed in January, 2011 while overseas and not using Clear Wireless Internet.

To further prove Clear Wireless Internet does not value its customers, when I first had hardware sent to me the first two months of service, I was sent the "junk" (to quote a tech rep in Pensacola, FL) from previous years, lower level / lower grade equipment.

After two months of drama, Clear Wireless Internet finally got it right and sent me the appropriate landline equipment since their wireless device was flawed and incapable of performing.

Yet to add insult to injury Clear Wireless Internet sent me return labels expecting me to return their junk equipment, walk in the snow, find a UPS location in NY, and burn my precious time to find a box and ship them the faulty equipment they burdened me with in the first place.

7. When speaking to Mr. Owens on Feb. 4th from Clear Wireless Internet, I asked for the corporate address and was given

Clear Dept CH14365 (a suite apparently)

Palatine, IL 60055-4365

Mr. Owens said Clear Wireless Internet had no email for me their customer to use to contact them with my complaint.

How laughable and ironic that a company providing wireless internet like Clear Wireless Internet cannot even provide its customers an email by which to contact them.

Need I say anymore? Clear Wireless Internet is not a reputable, nor reliable company.


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676d8f50, 2011-02-13, 04:15PM CST

I have had CLEAR for a few months now. Yesterday I got a letter from CLEAR informing me that based on my Credit Score I need a "no commitment service plan to activate service" and that this letter is being sent to me because they are required to do so by Federal Law. There is no money amount mentioned so I guess I am to wait for the other shoe to drop to see how much they are thinking of charging and if I refuse to pay and discontinue service, I am sure there is a few hundred dollar penalty. It is funny I can rent automobiles and other activities and do not have this problem.

6f4e318a, 2011-02-28, 11:46PM CST

I would never tell anybody to use Clear The internet connection is not that great since 5/27/10 till present2/28/11 I have lost the connection so many times it's a joke. You call tech support and it's always a different fix to the problem. I don't think they know what they are doing.....STAY AWAY FROM CLEAR>

98187551, 2011-08-11, 03:03PM CDT is 8/11/2011 I have been trying to get Clear to fix my problem, sents 8/6/2011 I am not able to connect to the internet..I keep getting the run around by service rep in the Philippines who knows nothing....and cant get a U.S Rep, they keep giving me this Clear Dept CH14365, bull,

I will never recomend this company to anyone...Clear is CLEARLY a JOKE

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