Canopy Construction LLC - Crooks, Scam, Con Artists

Posted on Sunday, February 27th, 2011 at 8:52pm CST by 8f20a77e

Company: Canopy Construction LLC

Location: 2506 W. Morningside Dr.
Phoenix, Ar, 85023, US


Category: Other

Attention Customers, potential customers, partners, employees, vendors, insurance companies. Please read the following, I will recant the entire story of my unbelievable encounter with this corrupt organization.

This nightmare began on July 12, 2010 when I was hired on as an employee. They had me and other Canopy members move 1, 100 miles away from family and friends for over 8 months. What they do is have you move across the country, pay you a measly $500 draw, which doesn't even cover your living expenses, pay you no money until the jobs are 100% complete and all the monies have been collected from the insurance companies. Canopy Construction LLC, GZH Enterprises, and Epsilon Holdings have defrauded myself, an employee, and Mike Briscoe, one of the limited partners out of $100, 000.00+. Mike and I worked 14-16 hours a day, 7 days a week in Appleton, WI to help this community recover from the hail storm that occurred on July 20, 2010. After of about $1, 500, 000 of sales between Mike and I, they waited until all the checks except for about one or two were collected and they then terminated us without cause. Mike was a limited partner, which he couldn't be just simply terminated. They locked us out of the database, our company email, and turned our phones off, without even gas money for us to return to Texas. After extensive research we found that Canopy Construction's license to do business in Wisconsin has been revoked since October 22, 2010, see attached certificate. And even more disturbing was that they owe their supplier over $100, 000.00. And after further research we learned that there were other partners and employees that have been scammed by Canopy Construction, and they still owe them money. They have defrauded their customers, insurance companies, and Mike and I out of money. They will certainly use low quality materials on your homes, while being paid for top quality replacement by the insurance companies.

The 3 partners of this corrupt organization is as follows... Andrew James Heape, Nicholas Kane Zindel, and James Trey Gibson. They do business under the names of Canopy Construction LLC, GZH Enterprises, and Epsilon Holdings. If you need any further documentation or information, feel free to contact me 24/7, and I will be glad to forward any information requested.

Canopy Constructions headquarters is located in Irving, Texas, and they are currently doing their work in Phoenix, Arizona. Below are the addresses, and phone numbers for these two office locations.

Canopy Construction Canopy Construction

1431 Greenway Drive, Ste. 830 2506 W. Morningside Dr.

Irving, Texas 75038 Phoenix, AZ 85023

(214) 749-7360 (623) 398-0515


(214) 256-1417


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