Apple Computer Inc. Macbook Pro 13, worst experience ever!

Posted on Saturday, February 26th, 2011 at 5:15pm CST by 13a29f7b

Company: Apple Computer Inc. Macbook Pro 13, worst experience ever!

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Dear staff member at

I'm going to be as emotionally detached as possible while writing this, so I

only state the facts about what has happened.

I bought my mac book pro 13" in the middle of Sep, 2010. I was very pleased

with the on time delivery and couldn't wait to start using it. I am in an

MBA program at Queen's University in Canada and had a lot of interviews in

the fall. One time I was traveling to Calgary, and I decided to bring my mac

with me. This is within the first month of purchase, and the charger just

stopped working completely. I was stuck in the airport for 5 hours without a

computer (did I mention that this mac's battery only last like 2 and a half

hours?) then when I got to Calgary I immediately went to their genius store

and fortunately was able to get a replacement for the charger, so it was

fine. As I was traveling around a lot i sometimes forget to bring my time

machine back-up drive with me, and three month into purchasing this piece of

machine, the hard drive completely crashes with all my presentations and

resumes and a 20 page term paper inside! It was near Christmas and I had

deadlines to meet, I frantically contacted Apple, and basically this is what

they said "you should have backed up your computer, it's so easy a monkey

can do it, why didn't you back up? you have to give us your hard drive in

order to get a new one, so if you want to do any data recovery, then sorry

we cannot give you a new hard drive". The rep from Apple drove me to tears

and made me feel extraordinarily stupid for not backing up on time. Honestly

that's not what someone needs when she is already in stress. So I decided to

forgo recovering my data and just get the computer fixed and rewrite

everything I have lost. After that I made sure to back up my mac every

second and never download anything onto it. The machine is so well taken

care of it really doesn't serve much of a purpose anymore. Then come my

academic exchange to Lyon France, and the 2nd week that I am here (Feb.

2011, two month after the last repair), the EXACT same thing happens to the

mac, the hard drive again cannot be found and the question mark folder mocks

me everytime I turn the machine on. Every one of my friends urges me to ask

for a replacement for the machine, I spent 6 hours on my friend's computer

talking to Apple ( I don't have a phone yet in France that's cheap enough to

call like that) and the representative put me to his "manager", here is what

he said exactly "we are going to stand behind our product and we will only

look into the option of replacement after multiple damage and repairs". By

now anyone with half a brain knows there is something wrong with this

machine, that it is a lemon machine from their factory in China and it will

continue to have problems, however, apparently three times is not multiple

to Mr. John Griffin. I then pleaded if they can extend my warranty as it

expires in September, and if this machine breaks again after that I have to

pay huge repair fees, he absolutely refused and when I asked for his

superior he said, and I quote "no one in apple has the authority to change

warranty, and there's no more superior". Did Steve Jobb get fired AGAIN? I

then again lowered my expectation and said could you then please write on my

file to look not only into hard drives but also other components, and ask

the Apple store in Lyon, which is one hour away from my residence by bus, to

book an appointment for me with someone who speaks English, Mr. Griffin says

"sorry madam, we have no access to the European stores". So I was again in

tears at 3:30 in the morning in France, and I woke up early the next day to

call the local store, and Voila, NO ONE in the store speaks a word of

English and they don't even seem to want to talk to me on the phone.

I want to solemnly swear that every word I told is true. I wish it wasn't

because I always thought Apple was into customer service, and that's why I

am willing to pay such a premium for a laptop, I stated with the rep that I

have almost all of their products and they should not treat such a loyal

customer this way, all he said was "madam I understand but that's the Apple

policy". I guess for Apple policy weights a lot heavier than actual human


To everyone who wants to buy a mac, it really is hit and miss. Because the

company outsource all their production, and if you get a good one, it can

last 3-4 years no problem, but if you unfortunately get a lemon, then be

prepared, the backup only works on Apple (time machine) so I am still not

able to access any of my school stuff until the machine is fixed. I am now

looking at bus routes to get to a store that also closes on Sunday, please

wish me luck that this machine breaks down again before Sep so I can ask the

Apple rep if 4 times is the charm!

Best Regards,




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