Quality Living Services - Quality Living Services - BAD owner!

Posted on Friday, February 25th, 2011 at 5:17pm CST by 66c29180

Product: Assisted Living Service

Company: Quality Living Services

Location: 1013 Canterbury Ln.
Waukesha, WI, 53188, US

URL: http://www.qlsinc.biz/

Category: Other

This company I used to be a client of. At first I was treated like a mentally retarded person with staff from this assisted living agency coming in at all times, even locking up my pills at night. There was a woman named Amy who took me grocery shopping and checked up on things, too much. Her attitude and lectures about things really got to me so she got some nasty messages. She quit eventually and this new person called Kathy got to me.

Please do not do business with this agency. The owner Kathy is way too depressed about the world and way too serious. She kept telling me in the car going to errands that I would maybe go to a group home threatening me with that. I checked with current case worker and we figured out that I'm too smart to be in one of those. :)

At times more than once she pretended to be my friend and told me she loved me but I now know that to be a lie. If she loved me she would have gotten back to me when I left messages on her phone telling her how I was doing. She had no real positive comments to say about me when I had the first impression meeting with my caseworker Mary.

This woman is so madly insane she once threw me out of my car when we were going to my last therapists appt. I never felt comfortable with her in the car and couldn't wait to get out of her clutches when the stupid groceries were over.

I had wanted out so badly that I sent her some nasty messages. So she discharged me but we still kept in contact time from time. But recently when I tried to call a couple times over a couple of weeks, she would not answer the phone or return my phone calls or emails. Some support huh from someone who tells me they love me? What a liar.

Only when I blocked my number did she answer. And I was so pissed off at this kind of rude act I didn't answer the phone and kept calling her over and over sometimes cussing her. I know now that was wrong but I thought she was my friend and it felt like I was being dumped. So of course I got angry about it.

Later this stupid Kathy called the police on me - never saying a word to me. So I would suggest based on this type a treatment this insane woman shouldn't even be running this kind of business. She isn't helping anybody and she doesn't like to interact with people who are not her clients. I believe she will never be happy in life. Her husband is kind of a jerk too.

Do not use services with QLS because all it will get you are headaches and disappointments. She doesn't know how to make friends!


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