ABC Sanitary - Customer Service is terrible at ABC Sanitary

Posted on Friday, February 25th, 2011 at 12:18pm CST by 4d1a76da

Product: Garbage Disposal Service

Company: ABC Sanitary

Location: 313 Eureka St.
Champaign, IL, 61820, US


Category: Other

I have never experienced such bad customer service in all my 33 years! I agree with most of you.. the office manager "Krystal" was a terrible person to communicate with because she argued and yelled at me like she was 12 yrs old! I called to inform them that the garbage guy once again took our garbage can lid along with 2 recycling bins this morning. Krystal said she talked to him and he said he only took the garbage. She also said the wind probably blew it away. Just to clarify- today is 2/25/11 and there is no wind at all! I then asked to speak to her supervisor and she said even if he was there he wouldn't speak to me. She's the office manager and all calls go to her. I then asked for the name of her supervisor and she refused to tell me. I asked for the name of our garbage driver so I could later refer back to this issue, and she refused to give me his name as well. She then said she couldn't do anything more for me and hung up while I was in the middle of conversation. I called back two more times attempting to ask the name of the owner of ABC, and again she hung up on me for a total of 3 times! We will be canceling our service with them- I guess you get what you paid for: Cheap rates for Lousy service!!! I'd rather pay more for a company that actually cares and values their customers, rather than one that treats them like garbage! They will be hearing from the BBB within a week!


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