Boost Mobile store

Posted on Thursday, February 24th, 2011 at 10:00pm CST by 15444a86

Product: H20 Wireless

Company: Not Available

Location: Colorado Springs, Co, 80905, US

Category: Other

The first week in January 2011, is when I initially went to the BOOST Mobile, store located on Nevada Ave. in Colorado Springs, Co. When I entered the store I had my inactive IPHONE in my hand. I was useing it in my car for IPOD purposes. I walked in with the sole intention of buying a new BOOST Mobile phone and a months service. Immediately, I was greeted by the wife and co owner of the store. I began asking questions abt the BOOST Mobile phone and the individual plans. The wife then observed the IPHONE and quickly offered an H20 wireless plan. She stated that I could again use my IPHONE w/ this H20 service. I was of course on board, because I wanted to get my full use out of a Once $500.00 dollar phone. However, I had NEVER heard of this carrier before. As a costumer, I naturally trusted she knew what the heck she was talking abt. Boy! Was I quickly reassured different. I paid them a total of $90.00 that day and did not even buy a new phone. HMmmm . . . .Then approximatly 3 business days later, all my family and friends back home in Illinois, started telling me that my phone number DID'NT WORK! They said that when they dialed my number there was no dial tone just silience. This led to my first trip to see this grumpy, rude, couple at BOOST Mobile. When I explained the situation he automatically started saying in his broken English, I don't know, I don't know! This was NOT very reassuring at all! Thank God, My 8 yr old daughter and I had a landline in tact. He then said that he was going to have to charge me an ADDITONAL $40.00 to unlock my IPHONE so it would work right. And I would also have to leave the my phone with him over night. HMmmm . . . . RIP OFF! You NEVER mentioned this $40 dollar fee before now? I ended up going into the store two more times within a time frame of two weeks. Every time I went into this store to plead my case BOTH the Asian wife and husband were VERY rude,disrespectful, pushy, and down right SH*%TY!!!! Telling me I had to call the costumer service line and that there was NOTHING "they" could do for me! What do you mean nothing? Um . . . I paid your greedy unkuth axx's Money for Service right?!?! These people seriously had no home training let alone costumer service skills. After, three visits to them and over seven phone calls to H20 costumer service WITH NO RESOLUTION!!!!!! that all had a hold wait time of 25 minutes OR MORE! After refuseing my money back that I had initially paid the wife when I walked in the door, a screaming match transpired. I have to admit that it all went down hill w/ this Ex- Security Forces, heavy weapons specialist from the wife following yelled statement " WHAT YOUR PROBLEM? YOU GO NOW!" I then began chanting 444-7000 PLEASE! I then was having to over yell both of them for them to call the police. There was a hispanic lady that witnessed this and also told me as the yelling was taking place that she would call for me but, SHE WAS WAITING TO HAVE HER PHONE FIXED TOO! HMmmm. . . . And I naturally could not call w/ MY CEL PHONE, because he refuse and was uneducated enough to fix my phone service. After, the husband called me stupid, I recited my collegiate accomplishments, and then told them that I would be right back. Me or the Colorado Springs Police Dept. I then immediatly reported to the police department and gave my statement.

BEWARE Colorado Springs!!!!! Not to mention they had two dogs roaming around the store, snapping at people when they walk in. Causing you the COSTUMER to be bombarded with the smell of dog urine and wet dog when you walk in their front door.


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