Armed Forces Insignia

Posted on Thursday, February 24th, 2011 at 6:38am CST by 8cc6325a

Product: Military Insignia

Company: Armed Forces Insignia

Location: Armed Forces Insignia PO Box 400481 Las Vegas, NV 89140
Las Vegas, NV, 89140, US


Category: Other

Order date 2/11/2011. Charge posted to credit card 2/12/2011. Order not shipped as of 2/23/2011. Company refused to cancel order. Response to complaint email" don't blame us for your impatience on a nickel and dime order".


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4324ca1c, 2011-02-27, 05:27PM CST

He left off "poor planing on your part is not our problem".He insults disabled vets.Want's to get a VOLUNTEER fired! He's an anti-military collector from HELL. Truly an Obama supporter. Now Mr.NoBody go tell someone else how to run thier busness!

As his favorite president would call him JACKASS!

94bcf563, 2011-08-22, 07:44PM CDT

Same thing is happening to me right now. They are real jack asses. I recommend that no one order from these people. They are also using legal department threats as though they have one!

250ee507, 2011-10-30, 05:01PM CDT

I to have had trouble with this company on Ebay. They seem to like to send insulting emails. Reading their feedback I see they have sent threats to other buyers. When people comment on their service they reply back with childish snide remarks.They seem to like insulting overseas customers the most. I am a wounded veteran va compensated and will never never do business with this place again. They replied back to me Ebay is a communist company but they sellalltheir items on Ebay. I sent the whole chain of emails to Ebay, not necessary as Ebay has the emails. Not to brite to insult the company that you sell your product on their website. Ive filed a complaint through Ebay. They say they have all disabled vets working for them so I find that hard to beleive that they would send insults to a veteran. Best thing to do is print out the emails they send and post them in your VFW Post, let other vets see how they treat veterans when they are making money on selling military items.At least vets will know not to buy from them.

7044d570, 2013-05-22, 02:10PM CDT


After placing my order I had no idea that the order I just placed was not in-stock and would require a week before it would ship, I received no message, or invoice telling me anything so I figured I would receive myitem in a couple of days through standard usps being that they are in NV Vegas and we are in So. California.

I finally receive a message from them a week later (days after a ceremony) the wife and I present the program with a check (charity). I ended up having to use some old DUI pins for the event because of this, no one realized other than a couple of close friends but either way I didn't get what was expected, matter of fact I still have not received this package.

After sending them a message letting them know that I wasn't happy with my experience and offered advise on how they might improve their customer relations such as sending them a message letting us know this item is not ready to ship or maybe put that information in the check-out box when you place your order etc.

Here are some of the rude comments I received... No kidding, I'm cutting and pasting them directly from them:

"How about you learn to read shipping info at the top "

"Any thinking person would have done so an would know his options"

"So you had 6 mos and waited for the last week and it's everyones fault but yours.This you be fowarded to the CEO offiice, they get one like you every few years and have the resources to deal with it swiftly."


I've never had to deal with a company (if you want to call them one) with such a low level of class, as a former service member who proudly puts on the uniform almost every week and dedicates over 500-hours to the youth programs I can tell you that I'm honestly shamed that there are companies who will treat service members (a disabled one in my case) with such dis-respect.


These message came from the same guy from two different E-mail accounts: [email protected] and [email protected]

Now I'm not trying to tell you where to buy but here are some other choices to consider:

medalsofamerica com (refered by fellow service member)

rackbuilder.armyawards com

marlowwhite com

2685e1d6, 2013-06-12, 04:00AM CDT

No One should buy from this company again.They are happy to take money from you for an order , but then they do not send you anything in return .I have opened a criminal docket which is going to be investigated by american authorities. If any one else has had a problem with this company please contact me as additional evidence is always welcome.

7044d570, 2013-07-01, 07:48PM CDT

I reported this business to THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT as they claim to be sponsors of. I was told that they would forward this information to their legal team.

This idiot (you know it's a one man show) thinks he can bully current military and veterans alike? Why do they not have a physical address? Are they afraid of people like me coming to pay a visit???

Or maybe they don't want to put their home address because you know this place doesn't exist or at least there is no proof I can find where it does...

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